Thermal Power

New Power Partners focus is on waste to energy and biogas in particular. We consider the technology as an ecological and cost-effective way of energy recovery. Helping the municipalities and industries to reuse their waste, whether it is organic material or various waste types, and contribute to circular economy are key in reaching green energy targets.

Please consult with New Power Partners if you need project management and engineering expertise in setting up any plants that turns waste into energy

    Our services in thermal power

    • Development phases

      • Technical and financial feasibility studies.
      • Market insights.
      • PPA strategies and risk management.
      • Input (waste feedstock) and output options.
    • Execution phases

      • Construction Management.
      • Logistics and transport.
      • Interconnection logistics
      • Noise constraints
    • Throughout project

      • Controlling of identified risks
      • Business case improvements and risk management
      • Managing environmental impact

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