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New Power Partners

New Power Partners offers global management and support services to the Offshore Wind Industry within development, planning and construction activities.

Through our extensive experience and dedicated experts, we have a strong knowledge base across key project disciplines.

We enhance our customers’ ability to maximize value creation on their projects by applying our experience in evaluating and selecting technical and operational solutions as well as by designing optimized processes and managing operations closely and professionally.

We are both directly engaged in the EPCI organization by managing key functions as well as in performing construction supporting services.

For any service offered and any function performed we are completely and independently customer focused and committed.



New Power Partners is dedicated to serve Offshore Wind. We offer specialist knowledge and management experts for project planning and execution within construction disciplines.


New Power Partners offers valuable support to your onshore site solutons. Through extensive experience from project executed worldwide we know the solutions that will enable your onshore site to be efficient with an efficient workflow. 


Location: United States of America, Massachusetts
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-01-2017

Vineyard Wind

New Power Partners is supporting Copenhagen Offshore Partners in the preparation for the bid on the Vineyard Wind Project.

Location: Northern Ireland, Irish Sea
Type: Onshore
Started: 01-03-2016

Burbo Extension and Walney Extension

Client: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Van Oord and others

New Power Partners was hired by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind to set up their site camp at the pre-assembly and load-out port area in Belfast- The scope of work included: (Read more)