Onshore wind

Onshore wind, besides being a renewable source of energy, has several advantages. The land they are located at is still fully capable of being farmed, used by grazing, recreated and conserved.

The time frame of building an onshore wind farm is lesser than offshore wind, and the construction work is less complicated. However, transport of turbine elements, assembly of turbines, the electrical installation and commissioning of the wind still requires engineering and specialist knowledge.

Project management and construction management are core competencies of New Power Partners, which are needed in onshore wind farm establishment. We welcome any requests of being involved in onshore wind projects, and are happy to consult.

    Our services in offshore wind include

    • Development phases

      • Site investigations.
      • Wind measurements and analysis.
      • Environmental assesment report.
      • Permitting and licenses
      • Procurement of contractors and suppliers
      • Establishing a business case suited for investments decisions and project finance.
    • Execution phases

      • WTG execution.
      • Logistics and transport.
      • Lifting techniques and lifting operations.
      • Preparation for O&M handover
    • Throughout project

      • Controlling of identified risks
      • Business case improvements and risk management
      • Managing environmental impact

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