Site Solutions

New Power Partners offers valuable support to your onshore site solutions. Through extensive experience

from project executed worldwide we know the solutions that will enable your onshore site to be efficient

with an efficient workflow.

As part of the organization, experienced advisor or with full project management scope for your onshore

solutions, we offer the following services:


1. Complete or partial EPCI Management

Develop, plan, procure and execute your plan for an efficient site solution. We offer to take the full scope to

prepare your onshore site to be ready for the planned scope of work. We deliver the setup on time, at

agreed cost and with highest safety standards to ensure that you can focus on other critical tasks.


4. Package and Project Management

Management of individual deliverables for your onshore solution to ensure an efficient workflow of the site.

As examples, we offer to deliver the following services:


· Onshore site logistic planning

· Planning of load out facilities for components

· Preparation for heavy load carriers and crane pads

· Establishment of permanent or intermediate storage facilities

· Establishment of onshore office facilities with associated services as required

· Site setup management and maintenance

· Warehouse management

· Accommodation management

· Catering services




Key successes so far:


· Planning and execution of onshore site solutions for Burbo Bank Extension and Walney Extension in Belfast.

· Project executed with very high safety standards

· Provided significant cost saving potential for the client

· Site ready ahead of time schedule allowing work to commence earlier than planned.

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