Project Management

New Power Partners is dedicated to serve Offshore Wind. We offer specialist knowledge and management

experts for project planning and execution within construction disciplines.

As part of the organization or as experienced advisor we offer the following services:


1. Complete or partial EPCI Management

Management and leadership of the EPC organization including target setting, Health and Safety performance,

budgetary responsibility, team establishment and development and reporting to owners, partners and



2. Package and Project Management

Management of EPC packages within planning, construction and commissioning activities – most



· Wind Turbine supply, installation and commissioning

· Monopile and Transition Piece supply, installation and commissioning

· Inter array cable supply and installation

· Contract negotiations and contract management

· Risk and interface management

· Site mobilization and management


3. Maritime operations

Planning, set-up and execution of maritime operations involved in the pre-construction, site preparation and

construction stages;


· Marine logistics and offshore construction management

· Offshore site preparations for all EPC package campaigns

· Vessel assessments

· Seafastening assessment

· Jack-up operations assessments

· Marine coordination

· Vessel mobilisation planning

· Lifting and loading operation

· UXO campaign

· Offshore site accommodation and wind park logistic assessment



Key successes so far:

· Development and implementation of optimised jack-up vessel procedures and offshore logistics.

· Project execution with very high safety standards incl. 0 incidents within Substation Installation for past 4


· Successful interaction with relevant authorities in managing Environmental impact during construction.

· Identifying future installation concepts and road map for test and implementation.

· Identification and maturation of new lifting techniques in close collaboration with WTG supplier

· Significant improvement on Sea fastening design for WTG, Foundation and Substation design.

· Test of new Foundation type and Installation technique.

· Development of new and improved Daily Progress Reporting catalogue.

· Significant reduction in cost for use of MWS on asset projects.

· Participation in Industry forum defining new standards for the construction industry.


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