Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is a renewable energy resource that can generate electricity to many households. It is a very reliable energy source, as the wind is more reliable compared to onshore wind, and with higher average wind speeds. Offshore wind farms are being planned or build in waters in most regions of the world. The potential for offshore wind in different configurations is evident: Today, the installed offshore wind capacity equals to 29 GW, but is has far more potential: 6 GW was installed worldwide in 2019, and 80GW is expected to be installed by 2024 (GWEC). Furthermore, technology breakthroughs and cost reductions are also key considerations, and the development may accelerate.

Wind turbines are advanced machines, and the installation of offshore wind farms are complex.

The construction processes are considered risky as they are exposed to severe weather conditions. Global or regional vessel availability and complicated contracting structure requires professional personnel in a project organization. New Power Partners delivers competent resources to support whether the need is in the early screening phase, late development or construction. Our specialists all have the required background to handle the complexity of offshore wind

    Our services in offshore wind include

    • Development phases

      • Regulatory regime and stability assessments.
      • Global and regional market availability of construction vessels.
      • Site investigations.
      • Foundation design strategy.
      • Investigations of grid and transmission connection to shore.
      • Infrastructure maturity and suitability analysis (Ports + Grid).
      • Employers requirements definitions.
    • Execution phases

      • Transport and installation – taking the lead in execution activities.
      • Logistical planning.
      • Offshore operation circle times.
      • Lifting assessments.
    • Throughout project

      • Controlling of identified risks
      • Business case improvements and risk management
      • Managing environmental impact

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