Location: United States of America, Massachusetts
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-01-2017

Vineyard Wind

New Power Partners is supporting Copenhagen Offshore Partners in the preparation for the bid on the Vineyard Wind Project.

Location: Northern Ireland, Irish Sea
Type: Onshore
Started: 01-03-2016

Burbo Extension and Walney Extension

Client: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Van Oord and others

New Power Partners was hired by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind to set up their site camp at the pre-assembly and load-out port area in Belfast- The scope of work included: (Read more)

Location: Germany, North Sea
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-01-2015

Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH

On Veja Mate we have delivered power to the project by providing key roles during the successful management and completion of a number of achievements that either brought immediate and significant value to the client or prevented risk towards schedule and budget. A few examples are given in details.

Location: United Kingdom, Irish Sea
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-01-2013
Ended: 01-01-2014

West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm

West of Duddon Sands was a project partly characterized by being installed by the new second-generation vessels in both the foundation and the WTG campaigns. This required focus on development of new installation methods, installation tools and component sea fastening adequate for longer voyages in rougher weather.

Location: United Kingdom, Irish Sea
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-03-2011
Ended: 01-02-2012

Walney Offshore Wind Farm 1+2

Walney Offshore Wind Farm was among the first to implement a new sea fastening design using a stickered blade rack design for transportation of Siemens 3.6-MW turbines.

The design proved to be very efficient and reduced handling and installation time offshore. The design is still the base scenario for transport and installation of Siemens turbines today. Despite the increase in numbers of lifts offshore, the overall installation time is shorter and less sensitive to wind than other configurations.

Location: United Kingdom, North Sea
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-01-2010
Ended: 01-01-2012

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

Sheringham Shoal required already preassembled WTG components to be shipped across the North Sea to a base port in the UK. Here they were reloaded onto the installation vessel – providing the benefit of minimizing Installation vessel transportation time on the critical path.

Location: United Kingdom, Solway Firth
Type: Offshore
Started: 01-09-2008
Ended: 01-04-2009

Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm

Robin Rigg was the first large scale offshore wind project where WTG components were transported to the offshore site and reloaded to an installation vessel that remained on site throughout the WTG installation campaign.

This required significant logistical and maritime planning and hands-on managed execution. In addition to this, the large tidal range and the soil characteristics of the seabed were very complex and much of today’s good industry practice in terms of jacking analyses and site specific assessment are based on the lessons learned from this project from 2009.

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