New Power Partners welcomes the arrival of the newest member of our family.

Nick Ingham joined NPP starting from 1 July and will be a strong expert within the fields of offshore construction and marine management. We very much look forward to the joined journey ahead of us.


Offshore Wind Farm competences in a combined package

With a handshake of cooperation, NIRAS and New Power Partners (NPP) will gather competences in offshore wind development and construction to provide larger offshore package solutions.


Meet the Team!

Our very first team-picture from our recent two years birthday. It has been an exciting and hectic start and we are overwhelmed by the support shown to us by our clients, families, peers and friends. A big thanks to all of you!


Veja Mate project completed 4 months ahead of schedule

With the installation of the last of its 67 Siemens SWT-6.0-154 turbines last Thursday, Veja Mate completed construction in less than 14 months and just 23 months after Financial Close (FC). Commissioning activities of the last turbine was finalized today.


New Power Partners are back in Belfast!

Following a successful completion of the Burbo Bank Extension project and a short break, New Power Partners are now full scale back in Belfast ready to serve our clients MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Van Oord.


Veja Mate delivers first Power!

A great achievement accomplished by the entire Veja Mate team.
Read more here.


MHI Vestas have successfully installed the last WTG on the Burbo Banks extension project.

We are now preparing the onshore site for the arrival of the Walney extension team. We are proud to be a part of this fantastic team.


Veja Mate offshore wind project

We look forward to be a part of bringing another offshore wind farm project through a safe execution and providing 400 MW of clean energy for the German households.
Read more about the project:

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